noam savionnoam savionnoam savion SHALOM! My love for people, nature and outdoor activities make my work as a tour guide in Israel a real pleasure; my passion for history, cultures, religions, art and gastronomy join my profound experience with guiding people throughout Israel from all over the world.

I was born in France and grew up in Jerusalem. In addition to family hikes all over Israel during week ends, I was lucky to have my high school at a walking distance from the old city. When I skipped classes, I wondered through the streets of Jerusalem; I discovered the different neighborhoods and the diverse communities living there side-by-side; the colorful markets; the hidden cafes and the small restaurants.

Before joining the Israeli army for a 4 year service in the infantry corps, I volunteered on a Kibbutz (Hanaton) in Northern Israel.This experience was enriching to the point that I decided to have a “second round” at the end of my service. This time in Ketura, in the Arava desert. My degree in comparative literature began at Sorbonne University in Paris, and ended at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

My curiosity and passion for outdoors were fed by back-packing trips in more than 20 countries around the world. Being a Tour Guide was inevitably the obvious choice for me in order to continue living this way, and yet, even more important- to Share this Love with others!  I became an official Tour Guide at 2007, and since then I am living my passion on a daily basis.

I will be able to show you not only the “must see” sites but also the less-known spots, far from the beaten tracks, that will permit you to live and feel Israel as I live it.  I will be delighted to assist and help you from the moment you have chosen to organize a trip, thro ugh the different steps of the trip planning (Itinerary, sites, attractions, budget, transportation and hotel accommodations) until the moment we will meet in Israel.

I am inviting you to follow me through the roads and paths of Israel in order to discover and experience one of the unique and extraordinary lands in the world!